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Dairy, Cheese, and Yogurt Packaging

Dairy, cheese, and yogurt are important kitchen staples that have been around for centuries. Food manufacturers have spent decades refining their recipes and techniques, all to ensure that each batch of shredded parmesan or tangy yogurt is perfect.

Over 50 Years of

Packaging with Integrity

O F Packaging is an Australian-owned and operated business, with market-leading flexible packaging innovation. As part of Close the Loop Group, we are uniquely positioned to provide great value to brands looking for sustainability in their packaging supply chain, with products made with end of life in mind.

With manufacturing facilities based out of Melbourne in addition to our offshore capabilities in China, Vietnam and India, O F Packaging ranks among the top packaging companies in Australia and Asia-Pacific, providing clients with premium flexible packaging films, pouches, bags and carton-based packaging products.

Our journey continues as we aim to be an industry leader in innovation and sustainable packaging solutions.

O F Pack Custom Packaging

We’re Not Just Your Packaging Supplier, We’re Your Packaging Partner

Unlike other packaging manufacturers, we help our customers through the entire process of creating their custom packaging solution. From initial product development and testing, selecting features and design, through to final production and delivery of orders.


Quality Packaging Products

Looking for a food packaging supplier? Packaging boxes, bags or rewind packaging films? Our customisable packaging can be tailored to any custom size, colour or material structure.

We offer a wide range of products for both dry and wet goods, and food and non-food items alike. Each O F Packaging product is crafted from premium quality materials that are designed and assembled to meet the needs of the product and of our clients.

Stand Up Pouches

Decades of experience and product development in Australia led to the creation of our popular and award-winning stand-up pouches.

This versatile, flexible packaging bag continues to be a best-seller and is now made more environment-friendly with sustainable options. Our pouches perfectly suit the packaging needs of both dry and liquid products, and are available as food-packaging retort pouches for ready-to-eat meals.


For Packaging Solutions Like No Other

O F Packaging prides itself for outstanding service, innovative thinking, and premium products. Our client base continues to expand globally, beyond our extensive services and packaging supply offered Australia-wide. This is a testament to our team’s dedication and hard work in the realm of packaging development and sustainability, and it will only continue to evolve as our connections within Close the Loop Group expand.

Our team of packaging specialists continue to redefine customer service with each client. No job is too big or too small. O F Packaging sees its projects through to provide the best product packaging for clients and their brands.

Packaging by Industry

Market Applications

It takes quality packaging supplies to keep products safe and ready for use or consumption. Packaging exists to prolong shelf life and decrease food waste by the time consumers open the product. Our packaging solutions do that and more, with great convenience and functionality options available to add greater value, experience, and shelf presence for your brand. Work with us and let’s bring your brand to life with unique and effective packaging designs.

Innovation and Sustainability

O F Packaging is leading Australian packaging companies with our offering for more sustainable packaging solutions. Our market-leading recyclable packaging options can meet performance requirements for a number of food and non-food applications. These products can be just as versatile and customisable as our conventional packaging materials, while eliminating certain materials that make recycling difficult. We also have options for certified compostable and percentages of recycled content to assist clients in these areas.

We aim to be at the forefront of global flexible packaging development. We continue to invest in innovation and sustainability projects to push the boundaries of packaging design and align with key standards, including CEFLEX in Europe and the APCO Design Guidelines here in Australia. Not only that, we also aim to help mitigate global issues on pollution, waste management and work towards a circular economy through our greater Close the Loop Group business.

Our simple Ordering Process

Getting Superb Packaging Has Never Been This Easy

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Get in Touch With Us

Tell us about your product and packaging needs. An O F Packaging specialist will be assigned to you as your dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way.

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Let’s Collaborate

Let’s get down to your packaging specifications. Once you approve our quotation, we proceed to your packaging design until you sign-off the final proofs for production.

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Wait for Delivery

Stay tuned for regular production updates from your account manager while you wait for delivery. No need to worry, O F Packaging also helps clients with logistics and shipping.

Let’s take your product packaging to the next level. Contact us now and one of our packaging specialists will help you get started.

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Why We’re Passionate About Sustainability

packaging labels

Dairy, Cheese, and Yogurt Packaging

Dairy, cheese, and yogurt are important kitchen staples that have been around for centuries. Food manufacturers have spent decades refining their recipes and techniques, all to ensure that each batch of shredded parmesan or tangy yogurt is perfect.

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