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Kraft Paper Pouches

Add a natural element to your packaging with kraft stand up pouches

Get our best selling stand up pouch in iconic kraft paper material – the best combination for functional packaging with a natural look. It’s the perfect choice for packaging organic snacks, tea, coffee, and even pet food products

Australian-Quality Kraft Paper Pouches

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Paper Combination Packaging

Kraft Stand Up Pouches are made from a combination of traditional kraft paper and barrier laminate layers. The kraft paper design and textured varnish create an aesthetically-appealing packaging pouch. It promises the full functionality of standard plastic pouches with a gusset bottom.

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Why Choose Kraft Stand Up Pouches?

Aesthetically Pleasing

The natural look of kraft pouch bags appeal to consumers and both small and big brands in and out of Australia. Using a kraft stand up pouch with window is a popular way to show off your actual products right from the shelf. The bags are immediately noticeable on display and are sure to catch your customers’ attention.

Optimised For Printing

Plain kraft packaging products already have a distinct look of their own that can be further elevated with quality prints. Contact us to know more about our printing options for kraft packaging, including local printing services. Get creative with your artwork, and let’s take your packaging to the next level.

Recyclable and Compostable Components

We can supply 100% compostable pouch options made from virgin kraft paper with a compostable inner lining. Another option is using recycled kraft paper as the outer layer of the pouch with internal lining for product barrier and sealability. Rigid cartons and cardboard packaging are also good alternatives if you want a packaging that’s 100% recyclable.

Versatile Packaging

Our kraft pouch bags are available in custom sizes and different packaging formats. The inner lining makes the kraft pouches safe to store products without sacrificing protection or safety. Choose among flat bottom bags, stand up pouches, flat pouches, and quad seal pouches. These bags are available with features such as easy tear notch, zipper closure, laser scoring, and one-way valves for use in packaging naturally gaseous products like coffee beans.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Food inside resealable brown paper bags wouldn’t stay fresh for a week, or even days. With high quality laminated films, our kraft stand up pouches can lock out air, moisture and light for long periods of time. This enables food products to stay fresh for longer in our packaging items.

They can be! Our stand up kraft pouches can come with an easy-open tear notch and a zipper closure. This makes our bags easy and safe to use, reuse, and store once opened.

While our kraft paper stand up pouches can hold liquids when made to the right specifications, we need to ensure the paper layer is coated on the outside with a clear film when used in packing liquids. This protects the paper from external liquid spills or moisture (say, if your product is stored in the bathroom or kitchen!).

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Other Popular Packaging

Also known as the three-side seal pouch, the flat pouch is the traditional pouch format. Due to its structural simplicity, it is used to house and display a range of products.

The spout pouch is a stand up pouch fitted with a specialised dispensing spout and re-closable cap. It’s the ideal container for a variety of liquid products.

Retort pouch packaging is made for shelf-stable products. They provide a similar level of product protection as tin cans and may help reduce the cost of storage and transportation due to their lightweight properties.

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