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Frequently asked questions

Apart from a popular packaging system, vacuum sealing or packaging is also a way to preserve certain food items for a longer period of time. Its main purpose is to remove oxygen from packs by vacuuming air out of the bag or pouch until the plastic film forms around the product itself. This is often used with red meat, seafood and foods that are usually stored in freezers.
Vacuum packs are commonly used for food items but are seen more with meat like bacon and steak. These products benefit most from the advantages of vacuum packaging such as an air-tight storage environment. By keeping oxygen and moisture out of the packs, vacuum packaging prevents the chemical reactions triggered by these contaminants that lead to spoilage. The air-tight packs also stop crystals from forming on food products when stored in freezers, preventing freezer burns.

O F Pack’s vacuum packaging is made to order, and can be paired with our printing services for more distinct branding and visual appeal. We also offer additional packaging features like carton backing boards that provide additional support to delicate products such as salmon. Our paper sleeve packaging can also complement vacuum bags and pouches.

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Brand Stories

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