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Improve the sales of your animal feed and horticulture products in Australia and beyond with our premium packaging line.

We provide top-of-the-line produce bags and boxes, and we also do expert packaging for several gardening products and supplies. Take your brand to the next level with our printing services and set your product apart in this competitive market. 

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Gardening Products Packaging By O F Packaging
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Air-tight Closures

Protect your product from moisture and contaminants with a tamper-proof spout or zipper closures. These features also ensure safe transportation, use, and storage of your horticulture products.

Customisable Packaging

Our packaging bags and boxes are tailor-made to fit your product specifications. Plus, O F Packaging has a wealth of experience in quality prints for horticulture packaging through our local flexo print factory in Melbourne. Get creative with colours and design concepts with us.

Versatile Materials

No matter what kind of horticulture product you offer, we got you covered. We create packaging from locally-made flexographic polyethylene bags for potting mix and sand products, to premium gravure pouches for high price-point soil additives, and more.


As responsible manufacturers, we are constantly innovating to help curb the waste-stream in Australia. Our animal feed and horticulture packaging can be made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

Bulk Packaging
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Available Formats

Pack in more product for bigger distribution options. These modular packaging bags offer strength for large product quantities.

Comes in varying sizes with customisable features. Made with layers and protective barriers to seal in product freshness. 

A sustainable option for packing and transporting animal feed and horticulture products.

Prolong your product’s freshness with these resealable bags. They offer the same shelf life protection of air tight jars. 

Display your gardening products with these compact and colorful side seal pouches.

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Tell us about your product and packaging needs. An O F Packaging specialist will be assigned to you as your dedicated account manager to help you throughout this process.

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Let’s get down to your packaging specifications. Once you approve our quotation, we proceed to your packaging design until you sign-off the final proofs for production.

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Stay tuned for regular production updates from your sales support officer while you wait for delivery. No need to worry, O F Packaging also helps clients with logistics and shipping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gardening becomes streamlined and easy to accomplish with pre-packaged products. Gardening products have unique characteristics that require special features, barriers and films to preserve active ingredients. Flexible packaging and rollstock are the best options to meet these needs. Gardening products like potting soil, compost, and seeds are best to pack in flat pouches, stand up pouches, and rollstock as well.

  • Resealable zippers to ensure spill-free storage and transportation.

  • Heat-sealed seams to protect the quality of the product and to protect it from abuse during shipping.

  • Flat bottoms to increase packaging stability when displayed

  • Child-resistant zippers for fertilizer and other garden products that may contain hazardous components and toxic chemicals.

A customised packaging creates your brand’s identity on the shelves. Your brand’s design, mixed with our special range of horticulture packaging features can attract clients to purchase your product straight off the shelves. 

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