Versatile and Durable

Our Flexible Packaging Solutions

Our wide range of top-quality flexible packaging products can help boost your sales and deliver cost savings.

O F Pack’s customisable packaging films, bags and pouches can be made from a variety of materials that will provide the right barrier protection for your products. These flexible packaging solutions make for lighter alternatives to bulkier tin cans and glass containers, saving you space and costs in product transport and shipments.


Our Packaging Features ​

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Sustainable Options
A Renowned Flexible Packaging Company

Why Choose O F Pack?

We rank among the top flexible packaging companies in Australia, with decades of expertise and innovation in the sector. Our efforts, coupled with advancing technology, led to the creation of a wide selection of packaging products that our clients keep coming back to. 

Our flexible packaging solutions are:

Highly Customisable

O F Pack’s packaging bags, films and pouches are tailor made to each client’s specifications. From, materials and barrier-level down to size and prints. This ensures that our packaging provides optimum product protection without compromising the packaging’s overall look and design.

Versatile & Durable

Our flexible packaging caters to several products across various industries. Whether you need heat-resistant packs or freezer-safe pouches, O F Pack can deliver food-grade packaging for sensitive products. Plus, our bags and pouches can be made extra durable to support bigger product quantities for packaging.

Made From Top-Quality Materials

Here at O F Packaging, we only use the highest quality materials in our packaging products. As an industry-recognised packaging specialist, our raw materials and production process continue to adapt to changing consumer needs and industry trends.

Available In Sustainable Options

Part of our ongoing innovation is advancing sustainability and reducing packaging’s negative impact on the environment. We’re proud to offer a variety of sustainable packaging. Our packaging can be recyclable, home compostable or made from recycled materials.

For Complete Packaging Solutions

Check Our Custom Printing Services

Pair our flexible packaging solutions with custom printing services that will complete your product packs. O F Packaging collaborates with clients in exploring various packaging formats and designs that will best fit their brand and products. This includes high-quality prints – fine details, tonal work, and even colour management.

We offer multiple printing methods that can accommodate a variety of order sizes. Plus, you can request for a sample packaging to inspect our products up close before committing to an order!

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