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Choose packaging that will reflect the quality and benefits of your health and wellness products.

O F Packaging offers a breadth of packaging options for supplements, superfoods and even protein powders. We customise our packaging to perfectly fit and protect the product in each pack. This helps preserve the kinds of products that your brand is known for. 

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Rigid & Flexible Formats
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Health And Wellness Flexible Packaging
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Our Packaging Features

Customisable & Print-Ready

Create your own packaging with several formats and materials to choose from. From granola packaging to protein powder packaging, O F Pack can produce the best packs that will keep your products fresh and ready for consumption. Plus, our packaging is made print-ready to boost your health and wellness products’ visual impact.

Rigid & Flexible Formats

Choose among several packaging formats! We offer economical and functional packaging options that work well within our clients’ budget without compromising on their packaging requirements. Be it for superfood packaging or muesli bar packaging, our materials are of the best quality to preserve even sensitive and organic food products.

Eco-Friendly Options

Make the sustainable switch with O F Pack. More and more health and wellness brands are going green to be consistent with their products and for maximum brand impact. Our sustainable packaging options include recyclable and home compostable materials that adhere to strict Australian standards. We can also use recycled materials in packaging depending on the product.

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum sealing is best done for organic products to keep these sensitive goods fresh and safe from external contaminants. As superfood packaging, vacuum sealing will extend the shelf life of your quinoa, chia seeds and other grains. 


Available Options

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Compostable Packaging
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Recyclable Materials
Custom Shapes & Sizes
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High Quality Printing
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Bulk Packaging
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Available Formats

Use these pouches as granola packaging and pair it with our printing services to transform your packs into eye-catching products on display from any store.

Wrap your premium muesli bars with our food-grade films to preserve their original taste and quality. 

These easy top-filling bags make for excellent granola packaging or protein powder packaging. Complete the pack with a resealable closure for your consumers’ convenience.

Choose flat pouches to pack snack-sized muesli or granola products. These packs can also be used for sample packs of your superfoods or protein powders.

Maximise shelf and packing space with these gusset bags. We recommend these packs for heavier products and bigger quantities of your granola, superfoods and protein powders.

Add a natural element to your packaging with the use of kraft paper. Kraft pouches are often used as organic food packaging, lined with premium barrier layers to keep preserve contents.

Boxes and cartons are traditionally used as cereal and granola packaging. Our boxes are sturdy and will stay in shape under proper handling.

Put your consumers first and use spout pouches in packaging liquid health and wellness products. These make the packs convenient and easy to use.

Create unique packaging with our packaging sleeves. Use them as value packs for your muesli bars, granola snacks and more.

Package huge product quantities in these bulk bags. Our poly/woven bags are precisely designed to carry heavy products from your warehouse, to store shelves, and through to consumers’ homes.

Keep your specialty health and wellness products shelf stable with retort packaging. This works best for sensitive, ready-to-use food items such as soups and broths.

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Send us your packaging requirements. If you need help with size and tea packaging materials’ specifications, our sales team will assist you throughout the order process. Email us at info@ofpack.com.au.

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Email us at info@ofpack.com.au for more information. Let’s discuss your order details and packaging requirements.

Email us at info@ofpack.com.au for more information. 
Let’s discuss your order details and packaging requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both formats have advantages. While rigid packaging continues to be a popular choice as grains and granola packaging, flexible packing alternatives are catching up for their versatility and economic benefits.


O F Pack’s rigid and flexible packaging are both customisable but flexible packaging can be made with more specific materials to suit your exact product needs. High barrier laminates help keep your product fresher for longer. They are also lighter to pack and easier to transport. This can mean extra savings and a lower carbon footprint. 


Plus, these packs are easily transformed to creative product packaging when made in unique shapes and paired with high-quality prints.

We recommend using resealable closures in packaging products that consumers will continue to use even after opening the packs. Cereals, granola, superfoods and protein powders, for example, are regularly used after their packaging is opened. Using zippers for these packs will keep the products fresh while consumers can continue to store and use your packaging conveniently.

Yes, we offer food-grade recyclable packaging but using other sustainable packaging options will depend on the type of product to be packed. Contact us to know more about our eco-friendly packaging and we’ll help you make the sustainable switch!

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