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Product & Food Packaging by O F Pack

Our retail and food packaging solutions are among the most recognised in Australia. The O F Pack brand is known for design, quality, durability and versatility. We customise product packaging to uphold the premium quality of your product and give optimal performance and longevity.

We also offer more sustainable packaging alternatives that are increasingly used in custom packaging in today’s market. Our innovative marketing efforts in flexible packaging makes O F Pack a reliable packaging partner.

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High-Barrier Recyclable Options

Coffee Packaging

O F Pack’s top markets in food packaging include the coffee sector, as we create bags for both beans and ground coffee. We offer food packaging supplies that include pouches with degassing valves and several closure options to keep coffee fresh.

Tea Packaging

Retail packaging for tea bags and loose leaf teas can set your store and brand’s identity apart in this competitive sector. Pair pouches with compelling artwork and design to create custom packaging that can help boost your sales.

Chocolate & Snacks Packaging

The snack market’s ongoing shift to healthier options calls for improved food packaging materials as well as more sustainable options. These include quality barrier laminates that will protect chocolates, confectioneries and snacks, like popcorn and nut mixes.

Meat & Seafood Packaging

Our food packaging solutions include freezer-safe vacuum pouches and lidding films for meat and seafood items. These help preserve and prolong the shelf life while creating eye-catching packaging. We can also create puncture-resistant pouches for shellfish and whole-fish products, or large bags for food service packaging.

Soups & Sauces Packaging

Do away with expensive and bulky tin containers when you work with O F Packaging. We offer food packaging supplies such as retort boxes, hot-fill boxes, and microwavable pouches that are best used for soups and sauces.

Bags, Pouches and Films

Flexible Food Packaging

O F Pack’s flexible packaging solutions remain a top choice for food and retail packaging. We specialise in producing bags, films and pouches that can effectively carry and protect anything from dry and wet food products, including pet food. From rewind roll/ flexible packaging film for snack bars and meat products to paper bags and coffee bags, grains and even soups and sauces – the O F Pack team will get the job done.
Bags, Pouches and Films

The Iconic and Best Selling

food packaging by O F Pack
The classic stand up pouch can easily replace standard glass or tin food containers. This makes the iconic pouch a popular retail packaging choice for many of our customers. Our pouches can be a cost-effective alternative to other packaging formats, depending on features and packing materials. Plus, these pouches are available in custom materials to suit your particular needs and design.
food packaging by O F Pack
Boxes and Cartons

Cardboard Food & Retail Packaging

Get creative with a range of cardboard and paper packaging options from O F Pack. Our custom boxes and cartons nail the basic functions that a business looks for in food packaging supplies. Plus, these products are print-ready and highly customisable! Create your own “unboxing experience” for consumers using our carton products as retail packaging.

Sustainability Focused

O F Pack continues to be at the forefront of more sustainable packaging innovations. We are proud to offer recyclable and compostable packaging options for almost all product categories.  Our range of more sustainable food packaging also includes bags that incorporate a percentage of recycled materials. These are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business and product, and can help meet your sustainability targets.  Talk to one of our packaging specialists and learn more about our more sustainable packaging options.
Why work with us?

O F Packaging Is Your Packaging Partner

O F Packaging is committed to providing both domestic and global brands with innovative product packaging and high standards of customer service and industry knowledge.

Each O F Pack product is intricately designed and manufactured to meet client specifications. With various quality control procedures in place, we ensure that packaging is delivered to clients that exceeds expectations.

We’re more than just packaging. O F Pack helps clients with training and artwork services, industry updates, research and development, and offers assistance through all aspects of the process.

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Elevate Your Food Packaging With O F Pack

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Tell us about your product and packaging needs. An O F Packaging specialist will be assigned to you as your dedicated account manager to help you throughout this process.

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Let’s Collaborate

Let’s get down to your packaging specifications. Once you approve our quotation, we proceed to your packaging design until you sign-off the final proofs for production.

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Wait for Delivery

Stay tuned for regular production updates from your sales support officer while you wait for delivery. No need to worry, O F Packaging also helps clients with logistics and shipping.


Other Market Applications

Our decades of expertise in the packaging sector go beyond food items. We also provide the service and premium packaging to clients in non-food industries.

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