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recyclable packaging

O F Pack now provides recyclable packaging alternatives for most of our available packaging formats. 

O F Pack’s recyclable packaging solutions give our customers the quality packaging that comes with our brand less the negative environmental impact from traditional packaging options, as we have made the materials simpler and easier to reclaim at the end of life.

Mono-polymer Pouches And Films

Our recyclable packaging materials are mono-polymer flexible packs or packaging products made with a single plastic material (or materials in the same polymer family). Their simple composition makes these packaging materials easier to recycle, as they don’t mix various plastic types together and create contamination.

Pack Cycle

We created the Pack-cycle films as a high-barrier recyclable alternative to multi-laminate materials that are commonly used in most flexible types of packaging. This film is composed of specially-formulated polyolefins structured as a mono-polymer material, that still protects products from deteriorating agents like oxygen or moisture.

O F Pack’s ongoing development efforts in the sustainability front have advanced Pack-cycle’s applications to include usage as rewind film and pre-made pouches. The film is also designed to endure modified atmosphere storage and vacuum sealing, making it suitable as recyclable food packaging. Plus, Pack-cycle is in line with the APCO and CEFLEX design guidelines for flexible packaging items.

Available Formats

Why Choose O F Pack's
Recyclable Packaging?

Making the switch to recyclable packaging has never been easier. With a variety of packaging solutions available on the market, it is important to make sure that your chosen recyclable packaging materials will not compromise your products in any way. Considering food waste is a huge environmental burden on society, we cannot increase the level of food wastage by using different packaging types.

This is where O F Pack’s sustainable packaging design experience comes into play. Each recyclable packaging product from us is specifically manufactured to suit its intended contents. We also offer optional packaging features that add convenience for consumers such as resealable zip closures, spout caps, easy-tear notches, and more.

Our innovation does not stop here. We continue to leverage new technology; and our part of Close the Loop Group in developing more sustainable packaging that will reduce packaging waste and instead be able to be reused as a resource. Watch this space for more updates on O F Pack’s recyclable flexible packaging.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our recyclable packaging is made versatile in design and composition – this makes it suitable for a wide variety of items, be it food or non-food products. However, we still encourage our customers to discuss their products and packaging needs thoroughly.

Even with existing technologies, we can not replace all complex laminates with more recycling-friendly packaging alternatives yet; but O F Pack’s recyclable packaging materials are guaranteed safe for use with food items and we will not provide a recycling option if we believe it does not offer the required protection.

Other More Sustainable Packaging Products From O F Pack

Compostable Packaging

The standards for compostable packaging in Europe and Australia are strict and comprehensive. We can assist clients with compostable packs that adhere to regulations and can be certified.

Recycled Packaging

O F Packaging continues to focus on recycled content packaging products, and have options for both post-industrial and post-consumer, depending on application. From films to bags, pouches, and even cardboard boxes, we can help brands incorporate recycled materials into their product packs.

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