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Beauty and Skincare Packaging

Create cosmetic packaging for your skincare line that truly reflects your brand’s values. Give your customers a product that is great for their skin and looks fantastic on their vanity table.

O F Packaging offers a variety of packaging solutions for your cosmetic products. These are made from high-quality materials to ensure the protection and preservation of your skincare products.


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Beauty and Skincare Packaging

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Our Packaging Features

We understand that in the skincare industry being flexible in how you package your products is critical to gaining a larger market share. Here are some key features O F Pack can offer for beauty and skincare packaging:

Customisable Packaging

Share your ideas with us and take the opportunity to create the best possible packaging for your cosmetic products through our custom solutions! From serum to soap packaging, O F Pack has you covered with packaging that not only protects your products but also conveys your brand’s image to your customers.

Rigid & Flexible Formats

If every product in your skincare line requires a different type of packaging, O F Pack has a variety of formats to choose from! We offer quality, economical and functional choices that work for each client’s needs. If you want more detailed information on minimums for order quantity and pricing, get in touch with us!

Eco-Conscious Options

Through our innovative packaging solutions, you can switch to more sustainable packaging! Do not stop at making your products natural and less damaging to the environment; extend the effort to your packaging too. Our team provides recyclable and home compostable options, ideal for a range of skincare products.

High-Quality Prints

Modern consumer preferences are calling for packaging that is effective and visually appealing. Personalise your packaging with vibrant company logos or creative artwork that will look great on any shelf!

Special Film Barriers

Light, moisture, and oxygen are all factors that skin care products are sensitive to. We can include special film barriers that add an extra layer of protection to maintain the quality of your products.


Available Formats

Our stand up pouch packaging is perfect for a variety of dry or liquid goods. Pair it with our high quality printing services, and you have eye-catching packaging that suits your products. 

For liquid goods such as toners, oils, and serums, our spout pouches are a great alternative to traditional bottle packaging! They prevent liquid spills, reduce waste, and have a longer shelf life with a resealable enclosure. They are ideal for refilling bottles too!

Our versatile and durable carton packaging options are ideal for either stand-alone packaging or product bundling! Custom carton sizing and designs can be made from your brand.

Send Us a Message

Send us your packaging requirements. If you need help with size and packaging materials specifications, our sales team will assist you throughout the order process. Email us at info@ofpack.com.au.


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Tell us about your product and packaging needs. An OF Packaging specialist will be assigned to you as your dedicated account manager to help you throughout this process.

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Let’s Collaborate

Let’s get down to your packaging specifications. Once you approve our quotation, we proceed to your packaging design until you sign-off the final proof for production.

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Wait for Delivery

Stay tuned for regular production updates from your sales support officer while you wait for delivery. No need to worry, O F Packaging also helps clients with logistics and shipping.

Email us at info@ofpack.com.au for more information.
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Frequently Asked Questions

With an industry as competitive as skincare, your company needs every advantage it can get to stand out from the competition. Having high quality packaging is one way to do that. Here are some questions to consider when selecting cosmetic packaging:

  • Will your product’s label and overall design be eye-catching enough to set it apart from the competition?
  • Can the material protect the contents from light, moisture, vapour, and other external factors?
  • Is the material strong enough to withstand handling and transportation?
  • Is the packaging designed to be user-friendly?

The Australian government has no specific regulations regarding the materials and type of packaging used. The Consumer Goods (Cosmetics) Information Standard 2020, on the other hand, specifies the minimum labeling requirements that businesses and manufacturers must adhere to in order to avoid misleading consumers and keep them safe.