Sturdy and Functional

Custom Boxes From O F Pack

Our custom boxes and rigid packaging solutions can be made as shelf-ready retail boxes or shipper cartons. 

O F Packaging can produce custom packages for those looking for rigid carton  packaging alternatives. Using high-quality and full-color print, we can provide the full breadth of finishing options, including foiling and embossing features. Whether you’re after shipping boxes or premium food retail boxes, we can provide a carton to suit all your requirements.


Our Packaging Features ​

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Sustainable Options
From A Renowned Packaging Company

Why Choose Our Custom Cardboard Boxes?

O F Pack’s decades of packaging expertise includes rigid carton formats like custom cardboard boxes. Over the years, our packaging boxes and cartons have evolved with industry trends and changing consumer behaviour.

Our custom boxes and rigid packaging products are:

Sturdy & Functional

We produce top quality packaging boxes that stay in shape under proper handling. O F Pack’s rigid packaging, both as retail packs and shipper cartons, are made sturdy to suit products’ protection needs. This ensures our clients’ goods are well protected from the time of packaging until they reach your customers’ homes.

Custom-Made & Print-Ready

Use our custom cardboard boxes to create an unboxing experience that will be unique to your product or brand. Or choose to customise your product packs with our packaging sleeves to boost the packaging look and design’s visual impact. Our boxes and cartons are custom-made for each client and are ready for printing.

Available In Sustainable Options

O F Pack is proud to offer sustainable alternatives to your standard packaging boxes and cartons. We continue to work on products that support the environment and our ongoing innovation led to the production of a custom box that can be home-compostable or recyclable. Our boxes can also be made from recycled materials without compromising the protection that your products need or the overall look of the packaging.

Good Turnaround Time

A timely delivery is a cornerstone of our customer service. Regardless of client timelines, we offer both offshore and local manufacturing solutions for carton products to efficiently manage your order timeline. From the moment we give a quote on our prices and receive a confirmed purchase order, clients can expect regular updates on the production process until their order is ready for shipping and delivery.

For Complete Packaging Solutions

Check Our Custom Printing Services

We can be a one-stop shop for your brand’s packaging solutions. Get our high quality cardboard printing services to achieve that premium-looking product packs that every retail business strives for. 

Our range of printing methods include lithographic/offset and digital printing. These methods can achieve small and full-size prints in vibrant colours, from easy to the most intricate designs.

We are your packaging partner

Why Work With O F Pack?

O F Pack is a leading packaging company in Australia and beyond. Our clients hail from several parts of the globe and their products range across numerous sectors like food, health & wellness, soaps & detergents and more. This growing customer base is a testament to the quality of our products and customer service.


Apart from our renowned flexible packaging items, we are proud to offer custom boxes and cardboard printing services that make for a full rigid packaging solution. Our boxes and cartons can be customised to suit a product’s packaging needs, including refrigerated or frozen goods. 


Unlike other packaging companies, we collaborate with our clients in exploring packaging designs and formats that will work best with their brand and products. We provide consultation services to help customers get the best value for their money when it comes to packaging. Collaboration is one of the core pillars that led to our initial success in the packaging sector.


Located out of Australia? Worry not! We have clients in the US, the UK, South America, Europe and New Zealand. Contact us now and let’s work on elevating your brand.