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Boost your sales in Australia and around the globe with superb tea packaging.

Tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages and the demand only continues to grow. Set your tea brand apart in this competitive market with versatile and eye-catching tea boxes and pouch packaging. 

Capture your customers’ attention right from shelves in stores, cafes or restaurants. Plus, O F Packaging‘s products are sure to preserve your teas’ freshness and aroma through to consumption.

We help brands with both loose leaf and tea bag packaging designs.

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Tea Packaging By O F Packaging
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Loose Leaf Tea or Tea Bags

Our Tea Packaging Features

Vacuum Packing

Ensure your tea leaves stay fresh. Loose Tea leaves should be in airtight packaging to keep the leaves fresh and to maintain their aroma. 

Customisable Packaging

The beauty in getting our tea packaging is you can be highly creative with it. Play with colour and visuals, design your own and come up with unique concepts for tea boxes to help your products stand out.

Zipper and other closures.

Protect your tea leaves and tea bags from moisture and exposure to oxygen even after opening. Choose among valves and different closures made especially for delicate items like tea.


Be part of a bigger cause on sustainability and  environmental safety. Check our range of eco-friendly packaging bags, tea boxes and pouches for your tea products.

Custom Solutions

Available Options

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Compostable Materials
Kraft Pouches Window Options Available
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Recyclable Materials
Flat Bottom Bags Easy Top Filling Bag
Flexible & Rigid Formats
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Digital Printing
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Bulk Packaging
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Available Formats

A convenient way to package tea and other food and non-food items. These pouches have excellent marketing potential as shelf displays.


Our flat bottom bags come in varying sizes and are made only with top quality barriers to keep your products fresh.

Pack your tea in bulk and support more product content with these modular packaging bags.

A more sustainable option to pack and transport tea and other specialty items.


Modern cardboard-based alternatives to glass or plastic containers.

Durable, economical, and versatile bags especially made for high-volume and long-distance shipments.

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Send us your packaging requirements. If you need help with size and tea packaging materials’ specifications, our sales team will assist you throughout the order process. Email us at info@ofpack.com.au.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tea is usually fed into machines designed to fill tea bags. Each bag is then packed into boxes or airtight pouches to maintain product freshness. For loose leaf tea, it is often recommended to pack them in ziplock bags, or have them wrapped in aluminum foil then placed in a box.

Kraft cardboard boxes are a popular choice for tea bag packaging. It’s considered environment-friendly but O F Packaging now offers a wide range of sustainable tea packaging alternatives that are recyclable or home compostable. These are made with specialty films that are certified by regulators in Australia.


Wondering if our sustainable products are safe as tea packaging? Of course! Our eco-friendly bags and pouches provide equal protection and preservation for tea, coffee and other food items.

A creative packaging design will help you attract your customers. Breathe new life into your tea brand with unique packaging. We, as your packaging partner, will help you down to the smallest details of your tea packaging, wholesale or retail orders – sizes, colour, printing and formats.

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