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Soap, detergents and other household products are a daily-life essential and this makes soap packaging equally important. Packaging for soap and detergent is not just about attracting customers with pretty soap boxes or pouches, it is for preserving and keeping your soap products fragrant and protected.

O F Packaging‘s soap wrapping films, bags and boxes are second to none when it comes to design and features. We provide top-quality and functional packaging for all kinds of  soap and detergent products – beauty bars, liquid detergents, washes, laundry liquids and powders, cold process soap, and even bath salts and scrubs.

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Our Soap Packaging Features

High-Quality Prints

Customise with your product packs with your brand logo and creative artwork. Our packaging also allows added space for printing product ingredients and other useful information on soap boxes and pouches

Transparent Window

Flaunt shelf-worthy items in soap and detergent boxes or pouches with transparent windows. The window feature is highly recommended for vibrant, artisan-style products such as bath salts and handmade soap bars.

Sustainable Options

Check our recyclable and home-compostable options for certain soap and detergent products. These can now be tailored to provide barriers equally effective as traditional box or pouch packaging in preserving soap fragrance and shelf life, and are also optimised for printing and customisation.

Film Barriers

Give your soaps an extra layer of protection from light, moisture, and vapour. Our special film barriers also work well with kraft paper and will help retain soaps’ quality and fragrance. 


Available Options

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Recyclable Materials
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Kraft Pouches Window Options Available
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Custom Sizes
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Available Formats

Get your brand logo and designs printed on these ready-to-form soap packaging films.

Pack your testers or liquid soap and detergent products in these pouches for simple, inexpensive but effective packaging.

Pair this pouch with unique print designs and get customers to notice your products anywhere.


Who says soap and detergent bags are boring? Use our kraft flat bottom bag and give your non-liquid soap packs a stand-out natural look.


Our spout pouches are convenient and will allow your customers to continuously use your liquid soaps and detergents from the pack.

Package soap boxes in our cartons and boxes for easy to transport or stack packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Using boxes as soap packaging allows for easier assembly and logistics compared with other soap wrapper alternatives. A soap box is also highly customisable in terms of prints, colours and sizes. Kraft paper boxes, for example, are iconic for its classic look that remains appealing even with a simple brand print.

We have a breadth of quality paper and cardboard options for our soap boxes. These are precisely die cut, making for consistent packaging that can be shaped to fit your unique product type or size. Whether for soap samples or bigger boxes for value packs or shipping, we have you covered.

Stand up spout pouches are our recommended option when it comes to liquid soap and detergent products. They are also called squeeze pouches because of their dispensing spout and re-closable caps, which allows for convenient use by consumers at home. This special feature prevents liquid spills and limits product waste.

Spout pouches can be more affordable compared with plastic bottles and plastic jars, especially for shipping products. Plus, our spout pouches can be made for soft plastic recycling, providing a more environmentally-friendly way to package soap and detergent products than traditional multi-laminate pouches.

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, the following is required to be present on soap product packs:

  1. Label on the package that identifies the product as “soap
  2. Net weight of the product
  3. Name and address of your soap business

Though it isn’t required to list the ingredients, transparency can also be key to driving a good business. Your customers would want to know what is in their soaps, and the ingredient list is likely among the main reasons they’re buying your soaps.


Absolutely. If you have unique ideas for packaging  handmade soaps or detergents, it will be our privilege to collaborate with you. Contact us anytime and let’s get started on your soap packaging idea.

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