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Cardboard and Paper Sleeve Packaging

Use our cardboard and paper sleeve packaging for adding a custom design that will catch your consumers’ attention.

O F Pack’s cardboard and paper sleeve options are an effective and economical branding solution to complete your product packaging for items in trays. This packaging option is a great way to set your brand and product apart from the competition while highlighting key product information.


Our Sleeve Packaging Features

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Recyclable and Recycled Content Options

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Freezer-Safe Available



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Compostable Materials Available

Boost Your Brand Recognition With Unique Packaging

Get your products noticed in premium cardboard sleeve packaging from O F Pack. Our team can create your packaging sleeves to custom fit your product’s size and storage requirements.

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With the ability to create shaped sleeves, we can give you countless creative opportunities to build a different look for your product packs.


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Why Choose Our Custom Packaging Sleeves?

Unique Packaging Look

Our paper printed sleeve boxes and packaging can provide an individualised and unique look that will help your product stand out on any shelf compared to a plain or labelled tray. They can be used to complement custom boxes or trays for a variety of products. Wrapping a product in a printed paper sleeve can boost its visual appeal and is a more recycle-friendly option compared to a printed label.

Sturdy & Functional

With our tailor-made sleeves, O F Pack ensures product quality by utilising premium materials made to suit storage requirements. You can count on our paper and fibre materials to function in various environments, including refrigerators and freezers.

Optimised For Printing

By providing packaging materials that allow for vibrant and high-quality printing on custom sleeves, we ensure that our customers get the most out of each O F Pack cardboard and paper sleeve. To maximize branding space, product sleeve packaging materials are designed so the entire surface of the printed sleeve can be printed on.

Sustainable Options Available

Sustainability is at the forefront of O F Pack’s goals to contribute to a better future. Our paper sleeves are available in options that can be recycled or composted, or have recycled content; the perfect fit for a brand that is looking to create beautiful and more responsible packaging. Get in touch with us to know more and find out which packaging materials best suit your brand and products.


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Want to see our packaging sleeves up close to have a feel of its material and quality? Order an O F Pack sample kit before committing to an order.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sleeve packaging, also known as box sleeve or belly bands, is made of cardboard or paper that wraps around a product. Because companies only have to print on the actual product sleeves rather than the entire packaging, it provides ample space for product branding and provides companies the ability to order their trays and boxes in bulk and then apply a sleeve to differentiate various product types.

  • Low cost. Cardboard and paper sleeve packaging is typically cheaper to produce when compared to fully custom printed boxes or trays.
  • Applicable for multiple industries. Box sleeves are ideal for use in a wide range of industries, from food to cosmetics to home products. Tray sleeves are mostly used in meat, seafood and pet food applications.
  • Communication to consumers. Because the entire area of the sleeves can be printed on, brands have a lot of flexibility when it comes to communicating with and presenting data to their target market.

Sleeve packaging can be used with plain or simple product packs, or even wrapped around the finished product itself, to maximise its economic benefit. When used with unprinted packaging such as trays or cartons, the sleeves for boxes are often the focal point of branding.

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