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Get ahead of the competition with custom confectionery and chocolate packaging that will take the term eye-candy to a whole new level.

Our bags, pouches and boxes are customisable to safely fit chocolates, snacks, chips and any kind of confectionery product. Play with shapes, sizes, and colour combinations! A packaging partnership with us means unlimited creative design possibilities and one that will boost your brand to a best-seller position.

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Confectionery, Snacks And Chocolate Packaging
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For Candies, Chocolates, and Snacks

Our Confectionery Packaging Features

High-Quality Printing

High-end designs are no longer just a trend in chocolate box packaging. Custom printed packs have entered all parts of the market, working well to sell all types of confectionery packaging too. We’re fully equipped with printing equipment to produce extremely vivid graphics for any packaging type and design

Customisable Packaging

Your snack packaging shouldn’t just stop at being visually appealing, we’ll help you think outside the box. Collaborate with us for custom-printed and innovative packaging solutions and let’s create confectionery and chocolate packaging that will transform into a unique experience on its own.

See-Through Windows

Tempt consumers with a sneak peek of your candies, chocolates and other sweet treats using a clear window on your product packs. Make your products work for you – flaunt decadent chocolates, vibrant candies and mouth-watering snacks right from the packaging while still providing product protection.

Recyclable Options

Make the sustainable switch with us. Check our extensive line of sustainable packaging materials that can be equally effective as your usual chocolate boxes, candy pouches, and snack bags. Our mono-polymer recyclable packaging allows for a simpler material structure. 

Custom Solutions

Available Options

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Compostable Materials
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Recyclable Materials
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Digital/Short-Run Printing
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Bulk Packaging
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Available Formats

Print your brand logo and designs on our specialty films and use them to package your candies, chocolate bars, and other confectionery products on form-fill-seal machinery.

Pack single-serve portions of snacks or jerky in flat pouches.

Choose kraft paper stand up pouches for a rustic look, or go for full printing to catch the eye of consumers and sell your product.

These bags have become a crowd favourite for bespoke confectionery packaging and weighty snack foods. Using everything from metalised films to kraft paper, these bags give you more space utilisation for snacks and can be great for bulk confectionery packaging.

Get creative with chocolate box packaging. Our boxes and cartons also make for convenient product shipping and transportation.

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Brand Stories


Our client Majans use both rewind and stand up pouches to package their extensive range of snack products.
Majans 1

Brand Stories


Our client Majans use both rewind and stand up pouches to package their extensive range of snack products.

“We have been working with O F Pack for a while now, and they continue to provide excellent service! When needed they have been able to respond quickly and expedite our projects, as well as generously share their knowledge to help our team learn. Highly recommend the team at O F Pack!”

Ellie Barclay
Majans Digital Marketing & Customer Coordinator

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the packaging of confectionery items such as chocolate, gum, cereal bars, and pastries. This type of food product packaging often targets young consumers or families. Flashy and visually-appealing designs are common among confectionery product packaging, although artisanal products often use more minimal aesthetics.

Confectionery products are food items that mainly consist of sugar and carbohydrates. Confectionery is often divided into two overlapping categories: Bakers Confections (e.g. pastry, cookies, etc.) and Sugar Confections (e.g. Candy, Chocolates, gum, etc.). Sugar confections also include sweet snack foods such as ice cream and candied fruits.

There are many different types of candy packaging. From candy boxes, flexible pouches, to candy trays. It’s ideal for every candy product to have its own unique packaging tailored to the specific needs of the item in question. Contact our packaging specialists and we’ll collaborate with you on the best custom solutions to package your candy products.

Since chocolate is heat-sensitive, it requires packaging that ensures it can be packed without extensive heat. Plastic or paper wrappers act as layers to further protect the product’s integrity from oxygen and moisture, often with a cold-seal coating. Individually-wrapped or segmented chocolate is also commonly packaged in custom boxes, making them gift-ready for various occasions.

O F Packaging can offer fully recyclable films or even compostable packaging materials that are certified under strict standards for all sorts of confectionery products.

Despite common belief, kraft paper packaging is often not recyclable due to the other materials used in packaging structures. These other materials are key as they provide the products protection and pack sealability. Watch this space because we are continuously innovating to provide more and better sustainable packaging solutions.


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