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Frequently asked questions

Most packaging in the coffee market has at least 3-layer laminated barriers, since coffee is sensitive to external factors such as oxygen and moisture. Aluminium, paper, polyethylene and metalised PET are all commonly used packaging materials for coffee.

We can create recyclable packaging for coffee that has similar barrier properties as other standard plastic packaging.

O F Packaging is proud to offer recyclable pouches and bags that fully comply with Australian standards. Plus, each of our ‘eco-friendly’ product offerings are customisable and optimised for printing! Get in touch today to discuss sustainable packaging options.

O F Packaging is proud to offer recyclable pouches and bags that fully comply with Australian standards. Plus, each of our eco-friendly product offerings are customisable and optimised for printing!

Generally we recommend a degassing valve in coffee pouches, and they have become an important feature when it comes to packaging coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. The purpose of these valves isn’t mainly so you could smell the coffee, but it’s to push out the carbon dioxide inside the bags. This is due to the degassing of coffee beans (the emission of carbon dioxide and other gases from coffee beans days after roasting). If there is no exit for these gases, they can harm the coffee’s flavours if left within the bag for too long and decrease shelf life.

Valves in coffee packaging bags are also one-way, to ensure oxygen and moisture are kept outside. Coffee roasters often prefer valve style packaging over other ways to package coffee and it remains popular in the coffee industry today.

Yes. A metalised layer in coffee bags provides great protection for custom coffee bags. It helps preserve quality coffee almost as well as pure aluminium, and gives a similar finish but at a lower cost.

Metalised films and layers are also popularly used to package a variety of other food products that require a high barrier such as retort products.

Coffee is best stored in airtight containers and pouches, with even vacuum pack pouches as an option for certain coffee products. For coffee beans and freshly ground coffee, it is best to pack them inside a bag with a valve. Choose among a variety of flexible packaging items from O F Packaging. We also have a breadth of box and carton packages for transportation, bulk products packaging, and for housing coffee sachets.

We are an industry leader in printing and package design for several markets.  O F Packaging is not your typical packaging supplier, we work like a business partner. We collaborate with clients in exploring several packaging designs and formats for their products.

Our specialists ensure all the packaging we deliver are effective and made to the satisfaction of each of our clients. This is made possible with our tight manufacturing processes and strict quality control. 

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