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Flat Bottom Bags

Boost your brand’s store presence and your product‘s shelf appeal with our flat bottom bags.

A custom design box pouch from O F Packaging is an ideal display solution that maximises both shelf and packing space. Our flat bottom bags are popularly used as food packaging and are available in more eco-friendly materials.

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Available Features

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Flat Bottom Bags More Branding and Design Space 1
More Branding & Design Space
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Freezer Safe
Flat Bottom Bags Easy Top Filling Bag
Easy Top-Filling Bag

Versatile and Self-Standing

Our flat bottom bag combines the top features of a quad-seal bag and the classic stand up pouch. This makes the top-filling box pouch a great fit for several market applications, from grains, meat, pet food, down to health and gardening products. As a bonus, it’s box bottom also allows for a self-standing packaging that will stand out on display.

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Space Efficient

The box-like shape of the flat bottom bag provides high utilisation on shelf space and in shipping. Its wide opening, flat bottom and side gusset design also allows for easy filling and maximises packaging space.

Seals in Freshness

Our flat bottom pouches can serve as airtight coffee bags or food packaging. It is one of the best alternatives to rigid containers with the added convenience of being an easy-opening alternative for fridge and freezer products.

Custom Packaging Design

Flat bottom bags‘ structural design gives this packaging pouch ample design and branding space. Share with us your custom design ideas and we will bring them to life. Furthermore, the bags can include a variety of features like specialised lamination finishes, resealable closures and laser scoring.

Environment Friendly Options

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process allows us to produce fully recyclable bags and compostable box pouches that adhere to strict standards. Sustainable packaging is in the core of our innovation efforts and we aim to provide more eco-friendly solutions in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

While both are technically  stand up bags, a flat bottom bag resembles a box-style shape due to the addition of side gussets and a flat base. A stand up pouch features an expandable gusset bottom only. These different gusset designs allow these pouches to stand on their own while on display.

Box bottom bags or flat bottom pouches side gussets provide better product-to-package ratio. A box pouch is often used for food packaging, particularly for grains, cereals, seafood, snacks, coffee and more.

Additional design features usually depend on the items for packaging – and this includes how we can create packaging using kraft paper materials. We offer several customisation options such as resealable zippers, spouts, degassing valve, one-way rip zip, easy-tear notches, and laser scoring – all available with kraft paper flat bottom pouches.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for any question over your packaging needs. We like challenges! O F Packaging is sure to come up with a packaging solution that will suit your product.

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