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Retort Pouch

A lightweight and economical alternative to industrial canning methods.

Using retort pouches gives long shelf-life to specialised products. It’s perfect for packaging sauces, soups, curries, ready-to-eat meals, cooked meats, yogurts, baby food, and even ready-to-consume pet food.

Why the retort pouch?

Packaging Features

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Retort Pouch
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Lightweight & Space Efficient

Say goodbye to the heavy and bulky metal can packaging. Retort pouches provide a similar level of product protection as your traditional aluminium can at a lower weight and more economical transportation option.

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Best Used as Food Packaging

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This busy and fast-paced society increased the demand for longer shelf life, lighter weight packaging formats, and convenience/ready-to-eat meals. This in turn created the need for flexible packaging and containers such as retort pouches/ stand up pouches to help fulfill high performance benefits and offer long term product protection for goods on the shelf. 


Retort packaging can be used for not only single serve yogurts and baby foods, but also for soups, sauces and other heat-and-eat products. The ability to place retort pouches directly in the microwave for certain products is a great benefit in comparison to traditional cans. Retort food pouches are also user-friendly and are highly convenient to people with limited mobility who are often unable to open canned goods without assistance.


A retort pouch is lighter and is smaller by volume. The retortable pouch packaging system entails lower freight costs and lower variable costs . These pouches are also optimised for custom printing to help increase your products’ shelf appeal.


Our retort pouches  can include a variety of custom packaging features such as spout pouch caps, easy-tear notches, shaped styles etc. We also provide aseptic packaging processing and hot-fill pouch packaging that can prolong food product shelf-life and quality.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Retort processing is a sterilisation process for food packaging. This process involves heating of food and packaging prone to microbial spoilage (such as meat or dairy-based products) to extend shelf-life and maintain product freshness. This type of thermal processing enables safe and effective shelf-stable foods that can be stored for long periods without the need for refrigeration or freezing. 

Retort Pouches are made primarily as Stand Up Pouches or Flat Pouches, from laminated flexible plastic layers that can also include aluminium foil. They are created by aseptic processing and are designed to take over 121°C in a retort oven over a set period of time to eliminate all microbes that may be present. Retort pouches provide a similar level of product protection as your traditional tin can packaging.

Retort pouches are lighter in weight, reducing storage space and transportation costs. Retort Pouches can also be more child-friendly compared to metal cans, and are popular for baby food products. Retort packaging is leakage proof, and pouches containing an aluminium layer use only a fraction of the amount of material in comparison to can packaging (which can be cost-effective). 

Retort pouches are commonly used for shelf-stable soups, sauces, baby food, dairy, and  ready-to-eat (RTE) food products (such as pre-cooked meat products). Pet food is also commonly packaged in retort pouches , as wet pet food products often contain high amounts of protein/meat sources that need to be stored on the shelf for extended periods of time. 


You can open retort pouches by hand, or by using scissors. Retort pouches will differ depending on the products housed inside, however the individual retort packaging itself will contain consumption instructions (such as eat meals from pouch, reheat product in the pouch itself, or remove and heat product separately). 

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Maintain product freshness with our retort pouch packaging.