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Pet Food Packaging

Pet food packaging can play a huge role in making your products a pet owner’s top choice.

We provide quality custom packaging for pet foods with high-end artwork, including clear prints of important information that pet owners rely on when shopping for their pets. Not only that, our packaging materials include quality components and barrier properties that will preserve product freshness over a longer period of time.
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Sustainable options

100% Recyclable Packaging

Fully Recyclable Flat Bottom Bags & Stand Up Pouches

Fully recyclable flat bottom bag or stand-up pouches for pet food packaging that reduce the amount of plastic waste your business will add to landfills and the environment. Additionally, the recyclable material not only promotes sustainable practices but looks good on the shelf too.

Recyclable Rewind

For pet food products in need of custom 100% recyclable rewind, we have the perfect option. Made locally here in Australia from 100% PP, this packaging will protect your products whilst standing out to consumers.

Roll ’n’ Recycle

Our Roll ’n’ Recycle option is the perfect sustainable option for all your pet food packaging needs. Made from 100% mono-polymer PE, these bags can be recycled through household kerbside recycling.

Custom solutions

Our Pet Food Packaging Features

High-End Graphics and Print

People want to know what their pets are consuming more than ever, while expecting a lot from their product packaging to meet expectations of the price they’re paying. This is why visual messaging and strong materials are a vital part of pet food packaging. Use our printing services to your advantage and highlight the true value of your pet food products and your brand.

Freezer Safe

Innovations in pet meals have led to a demand for frozen dog food or cat food. Our pet food packaging solutions have adapted to recent trends and we now offer freezer-safe pet food packaging, along with retort packaging for shelf-stable wet pet food products.


From small pet food pouches to large packs of dog or cat food, a resealable zipper is always a huge benefit. We offer resealable packs with high barrier materials, so pet owners can be assured they are efficiently keeping their pets’ food fresh for longer and giving their pet the best food possible!


It pays to stand out from the shelves. Our pet food packaging products are fully customisable, including important components like material films structure, dimensions, and pack shape – all the details are covered.

Compostable Materials
Recyclable Materials
Bulk Packaging
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Available Formats

These ready-to-form materials are among the commonly used dog treat packaging supplies and will perfectly fit pet treats shaped as bars, cookies or standard kibble products.


Get our flat pouches for smaller sizes and quantities of your pet food products, including sample packs and treats.

Our stand up pouches are known to be among the most versatile packaging solutions that can cater to all kinds of products in the pet foods market.


Package kibble or seeded pet food in our easy top-fill flat bottom bags.

Choose these bags for bigger portions or bulk packaging of your pet food products.

Pack large quantities of pet foods and animal feed in our woven PP bags.

Display or transport  pet foods from your warehouse to stores and resellers in our boxes and cartons.

Add a special touch to your chosen pet food packaging solution using our packaging sleeves.

Market your ready-to-consume wet pet foods in our retort pouches.

Ready to take your pet food packaging to the next level?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Combining the best features of the quad seal and stand up pouch, the flat bottom bag (also known as the box pouch) is an efficient choice for most small to medium weight pet foods. Flat bottom bags have high shelf appeal while maximizing both shelf life and packing space with a cartoon-style flat bottom gusset. Flat bottom bags allow easy top filling. Its box-like shape provides high space utilization, both on the shelf and in shipping. It can also include a variety of special features, such as resealable front zippers, spouts, easy-tear notches, laser scoring etc. 


For high weight products however, a quad seal pack is a great choice.

Materials that have traditionally been used in pet food packaging solutions include aluminium, PET, PP, and PE laminates, paper and paperboards, and other plastics such as PVDC. An internal sealing layer allows products to create a hermetic seal and maintain freshness, while a combination of different plastics/polymers allow pet food packaging to have a high barrier against external contaminates and keep food products safe for consumption.

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