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Gusseted Bags - Quad Seal

Maximise packaging space and get an effective product display with a quad seal/gusset bag.
O F Pack’s quad seal bags are made durable and versatile for various products like coffee, pet food, detergents, and more. Plus, the bags are customisable, print-ready and available in eco-friendly options.

Available Options

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Compostable Option
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Optimised For Printing
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Available In Recycled Materials
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Bulk Packaging

Durable and for Easy Packing

Quad seal bags have a reinforced structure that make them sturdy and suitable for heavier items. Its design features gussets on sides, making the bag expandable for more packaging space. This shape and format makes the bag easy to fill and self-standing as a shelf display. Our gusset bags can also be made more economical and environment-friendly as added benefits to your company.

Available for several product types

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Why Choose Our Quad Seal Bags?

Durable & Heavy Duty
Quad seal bags’ basic design and structure makes it durable and able to support heavier contents. Using woven PP material in the bag for added strength and durability will allow it to carry even more product quantities.
Customisable & Print-Ready
Our bags are custom-made to suit our clients’ preferences and their products’ packaging needs. This covers size and materials, down to additional features like zipper closures and degassing valves. O F Pack also offers high-quality printing services to complete the look of your product packaging.
Made From Top-Quality Materials

O F Pack only uses premium quality materials in our packaging products to make our packs suitable for even the most sensitive goods. Our films and cardboards are among the best in the sector. Even the materials used in our eco-friendly packaging adhere with strict Australian regulations on quality.

Sustainable Options Available
With ongoing innovation, our quad seal bags can now be made recyclable or home compostable. We can also produce the bags using recycled materials depending on the products for packaging.

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O F Pack wants clients to be sure of their orders before committing to a purchase. Order our sample kit now to check our quad seal bag’s feel and quality up close. 

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Email us at info@ofpack.com.au for more information. 
Let’s discuss your order details and packaging requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A quad seal bag is sealed on the four corners of its side gussets, giving the pack a traditional square shape, unlike the stand up pouch that features a bottom gusset. This means a quad seal bag is expandable on the sides, while the stand up pouch has an expandable bottom.
Our quad seal bags can be recyclable or home-compostable. This usually depends on the kind of product for packaging, but our recyclable packaging can cater to more product types than compostable packaging. We can also produce the bags with recycled materials to a certain extent depending on your products.

Apart from pairing the bags with our high-quality printing services, we also offer a variety of features that can reinforce the functionality and convenience of your product packaging. These include several closure options, easy-tear notches and degassing valves for coffee.

Plus, we like a challenge! Contact us, tell us your packaging needs and let’s work together to find the best packaging solution for your business.

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