Flexible Liquid Packaging Solutions for Wine, Olive Oil, and Other Home Products

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Liquid Packaging for Australian Brands
If you’re looking for flexible packaging for your products, you’ve come to the right place. O F Pack has the best liquid packaging solutions with custom-made spout pouches tailored to suit your needs.

Top 1: Wine Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Wine Packaging in Spout Pouches

The benefits of using pouch packaging for wines:

Safety at events
Lightweight for travel

Top 2: Olive Oil Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Olive Oil Packaging

The benefits of using pouch packaging for olive oil:

Versatility and light protection
Different spout, lid and cap options
Lightweight and cost-effective

Top 3: Soaps, Detergents & Chemical Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Packaging for Liquid Detergents

The benefits of using pouch packaging for soaps, detergents and chemicals:

Cost-effective and reduced packaging waste
Accessibility and child-proofing

Take Your Liquid Packaging to the Next Level with O F Packaging

Here at O F Packaging, our main priority is providing you a more customised and convenient way of presenting your products.

Our range of liquid packaging solutions are well suited to cater to your varying needs.

Get in touch with us right now so we can begin taking your packaging to the next level.