Flexible Liquid Packaging Solutions for Wine, Olive Oil, and Other Home Products

Liquid Packaging for Australian-Brands
If you’re looking for flexible packaging for your products, you’ve come to the right place. O F Pack has the best liquid packaging solutions with custom-made spout pouches tailored to suit your needs.

Top 1: Wine Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Wine Packaging in Spout Pouches

The traditional bag-in-box for wine was an Australian packaging invention. This was then reimagined to create a new type of bulk liquid pouch. O F Pack can provide spout pouches for wine and other beverage products (such as pre-mixes), which are functional. These can also prolong the shelf life of products once opened.

The benefits of using pouch packaging for wines:

Safety at events
Glass bottles and containers are often banned in events and outdoor spaces due to the safety risk of broken glass. This includes beaches and parks, plus outdoor music festivals and related events in Australia. Spout pouches for wine eliminates the risk and allows consumers to enjoy their product without hassle.
Lightweight for travel
Wine or pre-mixed liquids are often a go-to for people traveling, on holiday, or heading to a party or BBQ with friends. Lightweight pouch packaging can be brought to any function. It can also be shared with its built-in dispenser spouts.

Top 2: Olive Oil Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Olive Oil Packaging

Dispenser spout pouches aren’t just for beverages. They can be convenient for storing larger volumes of products like cooking oils and bulk sauce products to extend its use. Great for retail or food service, these liquid stand up pouches can be crafted to look like a barrel or include an easy-carry handle.

The benefits of using pouch packaging for olive oil:

Versatility and light protection
Our spout pouches for olive oil are custom made to suit your brand. And we’re not just talking about the printing and design. We can utilise a variety of materials. This includes metalised films and aluminum foil, which can create high barrier packaging protection for oil products.
Different spout, lid and cap options
Depending on your product volume and end use, we can provide an array of spout pouch closures for your liquid food packaging. These include liquid dispenser spouts, flip-top lids, child-proof liquid packaging and non-drip spouts.
Lightweight and cost-effective
Transporting glass bottles can be costly due to the packaging weight. Using a spout pouch packaging for large volumes of liquid products provides a lightweight alternative that still protects your product well.

Top 3: Soaps, Detergents & Chemical Liquid Packaging in Pouches

Packaging for Liquid Detergents
More Australian brands are seeing the value in spout pouches for offering liquid packaging. Refill options are also gaining more popularity within the home and beauty industries in Australia. Spout pouches can also be a cost effective, convenient packaging alternative for products like motor oil and other liquid products that require high barrier properties.

The benefits of using pouch packaging for soaps, detergents and chemicals:

Cost-effective and reduced packaging waste

Concentrated soap and detergent products in refill packs allow for less product and packaging weight. This allows for a more cost-effective transportation to and from your warehouse. Having liquid soap packaging can save both brands and consumers money, as well as minimise waste.

Accessibility and child-proofing
Spout pouch packaging can be designed with either accessibility or child-proofing in mind. Some products in tin can packaging, like motor oil for example, are difficult to open and close for people suffering arthritis or other similar conditions. Spout pouches can provide a more accessible liquid packaging solution for these products. Chemicals and detergents can use custom spout packaging with child-proof caps for preventing any risks.

Take Your Liquid Packaging to the Next Level with O F Packaging

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