How Custom Sachet Packaging Can Help Your Business

Plain packaging sachets

Sachet Packaging

Sachets are small, sealed flexible bags that are ideal packaging solutions for both dry and liquid products. They can be made from a variety of materials ranging from recycled and recyclable plastic to kraft paper. They are a great way for people to try out a new product and see if they like it before buying more.

Typically sachets are packed and formed on a Form-Fill-Seal style machine, and utilise Rewind Film.

Benefits of Choosing Packaging Sachets

Sachet packaging options


Sachets can be a cost-effective option, especially for small businesses just getting started. Because they do not require a lot of material, they are relatively inexpensive to produce and allow for consumers to trial and test single-serves of products.


One main reason why packaging sachets are so popular is they are convenient to both the manufacturer and the end user. They are simple to manufacture and the sachet filling process is quick and easy through the right packing lines. Lastly, customers can easily carry or store them while out and about due to its small size.

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Sachets are used for a variety of different products, including food, health supplements, and even beauty powders and skincare creams. They allow for the printing of almost any design that meets a brand’s needs. If you need packaging solutions, the team at  O F Pack can definitely help you in visualising your brand’s custom sachet.


Products, especially food items, spoil faster once their packaging has been opened. Because sachets are airtight, they aid in maintaining the quality of the product inside. They ensure that it remains fresh and ready for use when the consumer opens the packaging. Given that sachets are intended for small amounts, it is presumed that users will consume the entire contents of a sachet right after opening, disregarding  the need to reseal.

Applicable Markets for Sachet Packaging

Beauty and Skincare

Applying skincare

You have probably received those tiny little sachets known as “samples” when shopping at Sephora or a beauty and skincare store. Sachet packaging for cosmetics products has been used for many years, and we can certainly  understand why. 

It is an effective marketing tool that allows consumers to test your products at a relatively inexpensive cost and encourages larger purchases in the future. 

Soaps and Detergents

When manufacturing packaging for cleaning products, the materials used must have sufficient barriers to prevent chemicals from leaking into other items. Sachets designed for detergent and soap packaging are not only more compact, but also made of materials that prevent leakage and ensure safety.


Individual tea bags

Tea is one of the most common products that uses sachet packaging that we see today. Even if it comes in boxes or pouches, the tea is usually individually wrapped to prevent them from going stale. Tea packaging must have barriers that keep essential oils in, preserving flavour and freshness.

Soups and Sauces

Consumers are accustomed to seeing family-sized cans of soup and sauce in grocery stores and supermarkets. While those sell well, some businesses are missing out on a market that prefers smaller sizes of the same products. This is where single-serving soup and sauce packets come into play to cater to that specific market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are used for sachets?

Typically, sachets are made of paper, plastic, and barrier films like aluminium foil. 

O F Pack offers sustainable alternatives made from recycled, recyclable, and compostable materials if you prefer an option that is less harmful to the environment.

Sachet packaging Australia - are there specific laws?

In Australia, there are no specific laws governing businesses that use packaging sachets. The Food Standards Code, as well as the Competition and Consumer Act, outline everything businesses must know and follow as far as various areas of the supply chain are concerned.

How can O F Pack step up my packaging needs?

O F Pack has been working together with  businesses across Australia and the world with high quality packaging solutions for years. Our clients enjoy service that is collaborative and personalised to the individual needs of every brand or company we work with. 

To improve how you package your products, our team can custom make packaging to your specifications and designs. This ensures that the manufacturing and transportation processes will be cost efficient. To truly represent your brand, you can have your custom designs printed on your boxes and pouches.

We know and understand the packaging industry because of our years of experience. Contact us today to start designing the custom packaging solutions you need to stand-out on the shelf.