Top Custom Frozen Food Packing Options

Frozen Food Packaging Australia

Frozen Food Packaging

Quality custom-made packaging plays a crucial role in selling frozen foods. Keep in mind that markets have countless frozen meat and fish cuts lined up. You need a unique, dynamic design that would capture your target market’s attention.

Apart from stand-out printing, focus on functionality as well. Go for frozen food packaging that focuses on the convenience of your consumers. Invest in fit for purpose frozen bags. They can keep foods fresh for a long time and consume minimal space. Market shoppers and consumers struggle with large, bulky packaging that takes up their entire freezer.

At O F Packaging, our company offers flexible package options for frozen food brands. These include:

Vacuum Packaging

Vacuum Sealed Frozen Packaging

For brands that sell specialty cold cuts and fillets, vacuum packaging is an ideal choice. Airtight, vacuumed pouches can keep frozen foods in optimal quality for prolonged periods. Some even allow the taste to improve with marination of products with sauce and spices.

Vacuum-sealed packaging best suits frozen foods intended for long-term storage, which otherwise may be impacted by oxygen. It is a practical, inexpensive food packaging solution that works for meat and seafood products in particular.

While many brands use clear and unprinted vacuum packaging, O F Packaging can do customisation on any product.

Key features:

Flat-Bottom Bags


Flat-bottom packaging is cost-efficient, ergonomic, and eco-friendly. They generally use fewer components to produce. Yet, these durable pouches can stand firm on their own for prolonged periods.

You can also make product consumption easier for customers with resealable ziplock zippers.

Key features:

Quad-Seal Bags

Quad Seal Frozen Food Bag

Try quad-seal bags if you like the large print space and ergonomic functions that flat-bottom bags offer. These pouches are built for durability. In fact, companies that package heavy and dense frozen food items rely on quad-seal pouches for optimal product protection.

O F Packaging can custom make your quad-seal packaging to suit any size. We can also tailor your frozen food packaging supplies to resist puncture or abrasion from sharp foods like prawns or mussels.

Key features:

We always emphasise the importance of getting custom packaging solutions for your brand. Sure, cheap, generic, cookie-cutter options can save you money. However, these packaging options might not be optimal for your frozen food products. In a worst-case scenario, poor-quality bags can even hurt your brand's reputation.

Do you need flexible packaging bags custom-made for the frozen foods you sell? Collaborate with our team at O F Packaging. We can create a solution that captures your brand's individual voice and style.