Biscuit Packaging Options in Australia

Biscuit Packaging
Any baker would agree that wrapping brittle cookies and biscuits involves heavy planning. Crammed paper pouches will ruin your goodies, while large biscuit boxes can come at a steep price for small-medium order volumes. You need to explore well-rounded, cost-efficient biscuit packaging ideas.

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Finding the Right Packaging for Your Biscuit Brand

Biscuit brands use varying designs to match their products, although the most popular options narrow down to rewind packaging film (flow wrap), cartons, flat-bottom bags, and stand-up pouches.

Dozens of companies offer packaging services to biscuit brands. While having options available is exciting, newbies might find the sheer number confusing.

But, don’t worry—we can give readers a good starting point! Below are the crucial factors in wrapping any fragile snack like cookies or biscuits.

What Packaging Is Used for Biscuits?

Brands that sell confectionery, cookies, and biscuits often pack with the following options:

Retail Cartons

If you need to pack a large number of biscuits or cookies, try custom made retail cartons. cartons can easily carry at least a dozen cookies and are perfect for family or value packs. Also, their shape was made for stacking, so you don’t have to worry about the cartons taking up too much space.

Chocolate & Cookie Box Packaging

Rewind Roll Packaging Film

For biscuit brands that need cost-effective biscuit packaging, you can get our rewind roll packaging film. After we print your custom design and logo branding,, you can use the films to pack your products. They work with all kinds of boxes or internal trays, and can be used on Form-Fill-Seal machinery to automatically pack your product fast. We can customize the rolls to match the form of your goodies and your product’s particular barrier requirements.

Biscuit Packaging

Flat-Bottom Bags

Flat-bottom bags are designed to provide the highest level of space utilisation for flexible packaging and give cookie and biscuit products quality-retention. They can be made with metalised films or foil to keep out moisture, and can include kraft paper for extra rigidity and unique pack feel. We can even create flat bottom bags with window features to display your product. Our pouches helps goodies to still taste freshly made even after months of storage.

Packaging for Biscuits or Cookies

Stand-Up Pouches

For an affordable packaging option, try stand-up pouches. We can tailor Stand Up Pouches to a variety of sizes and ensure a durable pouch packaging option for biscuits, cookies and other snack foods. Whether you want a metallic finish, a glossy print, or a kraft paper look pouch, we can make it!

How Do You Package Biscuits?

Unbeknownst to many, delivering intact cookies to customers is not your only priority. Several factors contribute to well-made biscuit packaging, including the:

Packaging Design

If your product’s placed on a shelf next to dozens of other items like it, how will you set your brand apart? The answer: a good brand design and stand-out artwork. People are more likely to buy eye-catching items that match their personal preferences than bland, boring ones.

With that in mind, highlight your logo on your biscuit boxes so consumers will remember you next time they shop. Use colours and patterns that convey the message you want your goodies to tell. Remember that your packaging represents your brand.

packaging for biscuit brands

Production Considerations

Getting quality custom packaging is vital for your product and brand, but production considerations and cost needs to be taken into account. Your biscuit boxes or pouches should fit your product rather than be a “one size fits all” approach. Your ideal biscuit packaging should work for your business budget and allow for great customisation.

Packaging companies have varying rates, although you can get a good idea of the costs by factoring in the:

PRO TIP: Take the guesswork out of budgeting for your packaging by consulting with the pros. Our staff at O F Packaging can give you a sample quote on creating the perfect shelf-ready packaging for your biscuits.

Pouch Integrity

Biscuits have a brittle, hygroscopic makeup. Weak, flimsy packs prone to bad air and moisture barrier will hurt the overall quality of your biscuits. In the worst case, a customer might get a crummy, stale batch. Trust us—consumers may question the brand quality if the packaging doesn’t provide decent shelf life.

To retain the quality of your goodies, invest in durable packaging films, flat bottom bags or stand-up pouches. Even biscuit boxes will keep the contents safe from harmful elements until they reach your customer ensuring all the product needs are taken into consideration.. Its form can even withstand mild impact during the transportation process.

What Materials Are Used To Pack Biscuits and Chocolates?

We encourage the use of recyclable films and materials for your packages where possible. To help fight against waste pollution and move towards a closed loop society, the use of medium to high barrier, mono-polymer (or single plastic type) materials can be used.

Are you still on the fence about how to package your biscuits properly? At O F Packaging, we offer world-class food packaging options for a wide range of products. Whether you need small bags or retail biscuit packaging boxes, we have you covered! Reach out to us today so that we can start planning your personalised product packaging.