Recycled Content and Recycling High Barrier Soft Plastic Packaging for Reuse

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Zero Co Group

1. What is “Recycled Content” in packaging?

Recycled Content in Packaging
O F Pack can offer recycled content packaging for non-food contact applications in percentages up to 65%.

Post Manufacture/Industrial

Face Mask Waste

Pre- Consumer

Pre-consumer plastic pellets


Which Type of Recycled Content is best?

2. Why do we use multiple plastic types for packaging?

Flexible Packaging

Packaging Layers

Rigid Containers

3. Why are soft/flexible packaging products difficult to recycle?

Multiple Materials

Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune 1
Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Recycling Infrastructure


Contaminated Plastic

4. The solution for multi-laminate packaging?

For more information on recycled content, please get in touch with us today.