How To Find the Best Chicken Packaging

Sealable Pouch Packaging for Sliced Chicken

Quality chicken packaging plays a crucial role in the success of any poultry brand. Butchering farm-raised chicken is one thing, but packing poultry cuts is another. Haphazardly placing chicken cuts in loose, flimsy cling wraps will ruin the meat. In the worst case, they could even after just a few hours.

Are you struggling with your poultry brand’s food packaging needs? Don’t worry—we’re here to help. Listed below are the most common packaging options every poultry company should consider. By the end of this article, you’ll have a proper starting point on how to pack raw chicken.

7 Best Chicken Packaging Options for Poultry Brands

There are dozens of chicken packaging options on the market. While diversity allows customisation, first-timers might find the sheer number of choices confusing.

To make things easier, we narrowed down the list to the most practical, functional options:

Quad-Seal Gusset Bags

If your cartons cannot handle weighty chicken cuts, try quad-seal gusset bags instead. The extra reinforcement lets them safely carry heavy, soggy items. This shelf-ready packaging will stay firm even after weeks of storage and transportation.

Quad-seal bags also accommodate large packaging designs. The sealed corners help the bag’s front and back portions retain their shapes. Smooth, creaseless panels will showcase your packaging designs perfectly.

Stand-Up Pouches

Chicken packaging that carries several kilos of poultry cuts is great, but when you’re packing smaller quantities of chicken products, you need to ensure the packaging doesn’t eat up too much space. If you need something more space-saving for pre-cooked chicken pieces or shredded chicken, try stand-up pouches. These vertical-standing bags stack against each other, so you don’t use too much shelf space in the refrigerator.
Roast Chicken Bag Packaging

Retail Cartons

For a cost-efficient, functional way to store raw chicken cuts, try retail cartons. These can house large, vacuum bags that are capable of carrying retail serves of poultry cuts. Many wholesalers use cartons when transporting raw meat, however a carton with an internal clear pack can help sell your product on the shelf too

Clients also have some leeway when it comes to the package designs. If your goods go straight to the market, fill the panels with your signature patterns and farm information.

Alternatively, B2B wholesalers can minimise their chicken packaging overhead by using plain cartons. Printing your logo and company details on the box should suffice.

Carton Sleeves

Are retail cartons not the right carton choice for you? Try carton sleeves instead. This chicken packaging design best suits chicken cuts less than five kilograms that might be in a rigid tray. The cartons also have a firm structure using a freezer-grade board that retains its shape even after weeks of cold storage.

For the designs, you can customise the sleeves to match your brand’s look. The sleeves have adequate space for almost any pattern or imagery. With a bit of creativity, you can squeeze in elements that a direct label on the pack can’t accommodate.
Carton Sleeves for Fresh Chicken Packaging

Flat-Bottom Bags

Do you need customisable shelf-ready chicken packaging? Try flat-bottom bags! Utilise the spacious front, back, and side panels by filling them with unique designs or product viewing windows. Make sure that shoppers can easily spot your poultry products.

You don’t have to worry about space efficiency because each bag comes with a gusseted bottom, allowing it to stand on its own. Vertical-standing bags consume minimal space. You can stock your freezer shelves and wholesale cartons to the brim.

Retort Pouches

While regular self-standing bags offer excellent durability, they cannot carry chicken-based soups or stocks. You need to pack them in a well-insulated, sterilised retort pouch. These come with specialised foils and plastics made to carry aseptic products. No amount of marinade or sauce can cause retort pouches to disintegrate.

To ensure that your marinated cooked chicken cuts stay fresh, sell them in small batches. Ideally, each pouch should only have two to three servings. Retort pouches need to be professionally sterilised in a retort chamber otherwise their contents will not stay fresh.

Three-Side Seal Pouches

For brands that need compact and cost effective chicken packaging, try three-side seal bags. These pouches suit clients selling small items like chicken jerky, or large bulk volumes of chicken. They’re perfect for vacuum sealing as well when made to the right specification.
Resealable Packaging for Sliced Chicken

Custom Chicken Packaging Solutions from O F Packaging

For top-notch chicken packaging solutions, reach out to O F Packaging. We provide world-class custom packaging to various global poultry companies. Whether you need to seal a few marinated drumsticks or wholesale raw chicken, we have you covered.

Remember: no two companies have the same packaging needs. Using the same chicken packaging that your rivals use can yield poor results.

Share your story with us so that we can identify which packaging solution matches your brand.