Ice Cream Packaging

Ice cream is perhaps the most popular frozen dessert in Australia (if not the world), enjoyed by all ages. With many varieties and healthier options available, there is definitely something for everyone.

While providing customers with options is great, it poses a problem to those who manufacture and sell ice cream. How will you, as a manufacturer, make your product stand out from the competition?

Packaging and brand uniqueness is key. The packaging design is the first thing a buyer sees, and it factors into their decision on whether they pick it up or not.

Types of Ice Cream

Dairy Ice Cream

Dairy ice cream is the most common and popular option, and it has a rich flavour and texture. Full dairy ice cream is high in calcium and available in a plethora of flavours to satisfy any and all cravings.


Gelato is the lighter cousin of full dairy ice cream. It is made with milk instead of cream, and it does not include eggs or stabilizers. The result is a type of ice cream that is dense and thick in texture.


The most “natural” type of ice cream, sorbet, is made from frozen berries and sweetened water, with a little bit of egg white to bind it all together.

Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream with a tarty twist — that is frozen yogurt. It basically follows the process of making traditional full dairy ice cream but using yogurt and with less fat.

Vegan Ice Cream

With more consumers switching from animal product diets towards vegetarian and vegan diets, a large boom in vegan ice cream and frozen desserts has occurred.

OF Packaging – Your Ice Cream Packaging Supplier

Ice cream is consumed every single day by millions of people around the world. There is no need to market it in a way that makes it desirable because it already is. The dilemma manufacturers face is how to package it so that customers choose their products instead of the competition.

The pandemic has changed the packaging industry forever. More and more companies are looking to offer their customers with individually packed ice creams because they are both safer (minimizing unnecessary contact) and more economical (no need to store excess and get freezer burn).

If you’re looking for a reliable ice cream packaging supplier, OF Pack can help you. Our company caters to a wide range of clients, offering services such as customisable packaging materials, product design, and printing.

We can provide the perfect solution that meets all of your specifications, particularly when it comes to the finish and size of the product packaging. Our team values our clients’ feedback. We want your experience with us to be collaborative, with the end goal of truly capturing and presenting the essence of your brand to customers.

Tips to create the best ice cream packaging solutions from our experts

Focus on catching the eye of customers

Packaging should be used for more than just storing your product; it should also be a form of marketing to entice customers to buy it when they go shopping. Our team can assist you in analysing and deciding which typeface and colours to use that will pique the most interest.

Keep your brand image in mind

Don’t deviate from what your brand represents just to stand out; our team at OF Pack will find the happy medium for perfect visual stimulation while remaining true to your brand.

Accurate information and presentation

The information on the packaging should tell customers exactly what they’re getting and why they should buy it. What’s printed on the outside should also reflect the actual product or you could lose customers.

Packaging Solutions by OF Packaging

If you want to expand your company or if you want other food packaging options, here are examples of what we can do for you: 

cardboard tubes and cardboard sleeves

Paper Tubes & Cardboard Sleeves

OF Pack’s cardboard tubes are unique alternatives to more traditional packaging bags and boxes. Cardboard sleeve packaging, meanwhile, is an effective and economical branding solution to complete your product packaging. These packaging options are a great way to set your brand and product apart from the competition and can be made from freezer-grade board solutions.

Rewind/Roll Film

For individually wrapped ice cream products, OF Packaging can provide custom print rewind or roll film ready for Form Fill Seal machine packaging. With a variety of seal options available for frozen goods, we can work with you for optimal packaging performance. 

flat bottom bags

Flat Bottom Bags

OF Packaging’s custom design bag maximizes shelf and packing space. Our flat bottom bags are commonly used to package food and can be made from sustainable materials.

3-side seal pouches

Side Seal Pouches

Our flat pouches have a traditional and functional design that can be easily transformed into a shaped pouch. Furthermore, this packaging bag can include a variety of seals and closures, such as resealable zippers, laser tear notches, and more.

Start your frozen food packaging journey with OF Pack! Contact us via phone or email today, we would love to spend time with you to find out who you are as a company and deliver packaging solutions that meet all your needs.