O F Packaging and Close the Loop merge to form Close the Loop Group

We are excited to announce the merger between O F Packaging and Close the Loop, to form Close the Loop Group.

O F Packaging and Close the Loop have merged to form Close the Loop Group, and officially list on the Australian Stock Exchange (CLG) at 12:00pm on December 2, 2021.

In addition to the merger, the Founder – led Group will be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (CLG) and has already gained great interest from the investor market and our Joint Lead Managers.


With locations in Australia, Belgium, South Africa, and the United States, Close the Loop Group aim to be a market leader in urban mining and extend our already impressive commodity collection offering. Reclaiming hard to recycle materials such as printer cartridges, e-waste, cosmetics, and soft plastic waste will be key for moving towards a circular economy.

Close The Loop Group

The Group will be reusing and recycling these materials into equivalent or secondary products, diverting waste from landfill and creating value throughout existing supply chains. This includes our product TonerPlas®, which is an asphalt additive currently being used in the resurfacing of both the M80 and the Monash freeways in Victoria. These innovations allow the Group to expand their zero waste to landfill targets and provide a key end market for reclaimed commodities.


From the creation of products and packaging using recyclable materials and recycled content, through to the development of take-back programs for brand owners and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Close the Loop Group will provide circular integrated solutions to brand owners and associated stakeholders.


Contributing positively to the environment while helping to meet global sustainability legislation are key tailwinds for Close the Loop Group and provide us the opportunity to foster further positive societal change, and ultimately reach the fundamental sustainability goals of our business units.

For more information on Close the Loop Group can be found at the Group website https://ctlgroup.com.au , or by contacting the Group at: investors@ctlgroup.com.au