Selling Sustainable Seafood

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Petuna OceanTrout 100PE Recyclable

What is Sustainable Seafood?

Sustainable Seafood
Farmed Seafood

Sustainable Seafood Australia

Wild Caught & Farmed Seafood

Sustainable Packaging in Australia


Types of Sustainable Packaging Options

Types of Sustainable Packaging Options

Sustainable Seafood Packaging

Petuna Packaging

Common Questions about

Sustainable Seafood

  • What does it mean to make seafood sustainable?
  • What are the benefits of sustainable seafood practices?
  • Is the seafood industry sustainable?
  • What is the best packaging material to be used for seafood?

Sustainable seafood is the process of fishing or farming with minimal environmental and social impact. This practice prevents overfishing, protects habitats, and deals with socio-economic problems.

The WWF and MSC are asking companies to make the better choice when it comes to handling seafood farming and wild caught fish. Organizations like these are needed to lead to more sustainable fishing practices for the whole industry.

Ecological and Ethical

Wild-caught and farmed fish has a far lower carbon footprint than raising beef and por. It also takes less fresh water and feed, while occupying a smaller area to harvest.

Now more than ever, it's critical to rethink our global food chains and encourage seafood sustainability.

Global Food Security 

3 billion people globally eat fish daily, according to the UN. Sustainable seafood protects future fish stock, which benefits everyone. Sustainable choices, adequate laws, and technical advancements in fishing methods can help achieve this.

Marine Resource Conservation

Sustainable fishing methods will help safeguard marine biodiversity, especially endangered species.

As a consumer, making informed seafood choices will also push conglomerates to be more conscious about how they meet consumer demands. It’s good to be on the lookout for the blue fish tick that means the food has reached you through responsible means.

Yes, but only if action is taken immediately. According to a Food and Agriculture Organization assessment, 34.2% of the world's fisheries are unsustainable. 

Working across the supply chain, organisations are making an effort to make seafood farming as sustainable as possible.

This is primarily determined by the requirements of your products. We can create the best seafood packaging bags by tailoring plastic film specifications to your product. These films can be used to make standard pouches, vacuum pouches, or lids for formed containers. OF Pack can also supply shrink or thermoforming films, which are an efficient way to pack and display seafood products

Want more information about sustainable packaging practices? Got any questions we didn’t answer?