Why Smart Packaging is a Step in the Right Direction

smart packaging system

Smart Packaging Systems - The Basics

Packaging innovations have made manufacturing in the food industry a more precise process. Technology can be integrated into nearly every aspect of the food supply chain. This provides additional data that can be used to ensure continuous improvement across all packaging systems.

Businesses have seen how smart food packaging can improve processes and increase margins. This type of packaging system strengthens the connection between the digital and physical world. It helps address the food waste problem, increase food safety, and assist companies in seeing and analysing market trends.

Smart Packaging - Definition

Smart packaging refers to how packaging technology improves the process of a packaging system by ensuring information is communicated better, therefore enhancing product packaging utility. This ultimately results in a better consumer experience.  Smart packaging solutions help businesses learn about customer preferences and market trends. It can also be used to give customers an easy, unique and personalised way to interact with a company’s brand.

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Types of Smart Packaging Systems

Oxygen absorbers

Active Packaging Systems

Active food packaging focuses on the physical aspect of product packaging. It is an efficient method on how to preserve and protect the product until it reaches the customer. The package interacts with the products inside, and the ultimate goal is to extend shelf life. Compounds are released to improve the overall longevity of the packaging materials and to eliminate potentially harmful components.

Some popular examples are:

  • Light filtering materials
  • Oxygen absorbers
  • Antimicrobial packaging coating
  • Moisture-control materials
security seal

Intelligent Packaging Systems

Intelligent packaging, on the other hand, focuses on communicating with the outside world. It resonates with both the consumer and the manufacturer. This system adds diagnostic and indicator functionalities.

Intelligent food packaging contains sensors that show the condition of the packaged foods. It then transmits the information to the party that requires it.

The components work together to ensure protection and provide convenience. The following components are widely used in the packaging industry:

  • Freshness indicators
  • Package sealing condition indicator
  • Time-temperature indicators

Elevated Customer Experience

Intelligent packaging provides customers with a choice to learn more about the products they purchase. For example: giving the customers the option to scan a QR code that leads to an FAQ page is one of the best ways to elevate their purchasing experience.

Customers will naturally seek out better products, indicating that smart packaging will be around for a long time. Businesses should study and invest as early as possible. This will position your company as technologically advanced and demonstrate to customers that you are dedicated to continuous improvement, whilst making sure you have consumer interests in mind.

Improved Quality Control

Smart packaging can track a product’s condition and inform you whether it is safe or not. Aside from extending product shelf life, certain packaging helps detect counterfeit goods. As a result, more genuine quality products are available.

Forged products claiming to be yours are detrimental to your profits in many ways. It can also harm your company’s reputation if the products do not meet your high standards. Businesses can monitor their products and guarantee authenticity to customers by using smart packaging.

More Transparent Company Culture

Customers are calling out for a more transparent and honest supply chain.

Sustainable sourcing is gaining popularity as more and more businesses are practicing it. A company can gain and keep a bigger share of the market with honest and transparent practices. This is because consumers see the efforts made to be more socially and environmentally conscious.

Smart packaging enables transparency at every stage, from production to delivery. Customers can see where the materials were sourced and manufactured. They can also get information on shipping and handling to ensure safety.

Better Understanding of Trends

A business will thrive when it understands market trends. Yet it can be tricky to predict when to restock or make improvements. QR codes and other cloud-based solutions make it easier for businesses to gain information on relevant trends as they can direct customers to an FAQ page or allow them to repurchase products easily.

Prior to technological advancements, it took longer to get feedback on consumer satisfaction. Today, as soon as the packaging is opened and the product is experienced, a review can be written.

One of the goals of smart packaging solutions is to enable businesses to see trends and improve customer experience.

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